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What do the services of MAI LEGAL SERVICES consist of?

  • The services of MAI LEGAL SOLUTIONS are based on legal translations and revisions that are provided as one more of the many legal services (except legal advice) offered within a set of universal legal services that are aimed at easing the process of arriving at a written agreement between natural and legal persons that speak different languages and often have different legal systems in their various countries of origin.
  • The services of MAI LEGAL SOLUTIONS have sprung out of the increase in the demand for these types of services by principally attorneys and the legal departments of organizations.
  • Many clients or “potential clients” have structural questions with regard to legal terminology and with regard to legal concepts and practices. Many also simply ask: (“How do I get a quote?” and/or “How do I contract services once the quote is approved?”).
  • With regard to legal translations, MAI LEGAL SOLUTIONS offers legal translations that are 100% reviewed by an Attorney-Translator/Revisionist who is a specialist in the translation of highly complex legal texts.
  • The legal services also include all pre contract negotiations from start to finish (the translation and review of all types of correspondence including emails, memos, and social networks and, in addition, the LIVE SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION OF MEETINGS VIA VIDEOCONFERENCE (“ZOOM”). Finally, MAI LEGAL SOLUTIONS is fully capable of designing complex contracts of any length (which, of course, would require the final approval of the attorney responsible for the drafting of the document).

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